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I am a blacksmith producing hand-forged wrought iron work in the tradition of the old world craftsmanship. My designs range from contemporary to more traditional in a wide variety of metals and for many different purposes.

Born in Germany I began as an apprentice blacksmith at the age of sixteen learning the trade from a well-known German blacksmith. The apprenticeship alone for becoming an ornamental blacksmith is three years in which the knowledge of design, architecture and engineering must all be considered. Furthermore you learn how to apply the specific needs and wants of your client to your product. Another aspect is the enhancement of your ironwork through painting techniques.

After the apprenticeship I worked in Germany for many years as an ornamental balcksmith and fabricator in different well-known shops. During this time I acquired a substantial knowledge in producing a wide variety of traditional and contemporary ironworks in using various metals for commerical , industrial, and residential needs.

In 1993 my family and I immigrated to the United States and a few years later I started my own iron shop now known as German Blacksmith, LLC. My shop produces unique railings, balconies, gates, doors, furniture, etc. in a wide variety of metals for residential as well as industrial or commerical needs. I can offer you a design service as well. Just give me your specifications and ideas and we will turn it into a beatuiful addition to your home.
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